A Brief History of Buchtel Basketball

John R. Buchtel High School opened in the fall of 1931.  The school was named after one of Akron’s leading industrialists and philanthropists from the 19th century and founder of what is today the University of Akron.

The school’s mascot, the Griffin, is a creature from Greek mythology with the body and hindquarters of a lion and the forelegs, wings and head of an eagle.  Because the Greeks considered the lion the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of the birds, the Griffin was believed to be an especially powerful and majestic creature.

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City Series Playoff Champions


The first Buchtel High School basketball coach was Robert Harper, who came to the new school from Ellet High School.  The first Griffin basketball game was played on December 10, 1931 against Akron Kenmore High School and the Cardinals won 14-9.  Buchtel won its first basketball game on January 30, 1932 when they beat Greensburg 27-17 and, later that same season, they also won their first tournament game when they beat Akron South 22-18 in the first round.  The Griffins finished their first year with a record of 3-12.

Andy Porosky replaced Bob Harper as coach for the 1934-45 season and led Buchtel to its first winning season in 1935-36 campaign.  That year the Griffins 17-2 and made it to the Class A State Regional Final where they lost to Marietta 35-30.

Through the 2010-11 season the Griffins have an overall record of 891-611 for a winning percentage of .593.  The are 457-287 in league play for a winning percentage of .614 and 126-80 in OHSAA tournament play for a winning percentage of .612.

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